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And if you haven’t advanced to the stage in which are exclusive, then committing your relationship to the Lord is jumping the gun. Every generation comes up with its own terms for the courtship process. Jesus Freaks Rock (JFR) asked: “I’m in a relationship right now, and even though we are not boyfriend and girlfriend, we have committed our relationship to the Lord . ”JFR, maybe I’m misunderstanding you, but I’m not sure how you can be in a relationship and not considered boyfriend and girlfriend.

The only problem was (in retrospect), believing in courtship presents a slight problem when you aren’t exactly of courting age.

One of the evidences of this is that we really have no adequate term to describe the way in which young Christian men and women should get together.

Perhaps some time after Christians return to a more obedient practice, we will have been doing it long and well enough to be able to name whatever it is we are doing.

But in doing this, we are bound to use whatever terms we select in a sense.

Some couple who “date” are in closer conformity with biblical principles than other couples who embrace the “courtship” model.

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