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Prior to 7 ka, the river incised to within∼3 m of current bankfull, but then aggraded by ∼5 m over at least a ∼10 km-long reach in an episode centered ∼7–6 ka.

Aggradation may relate to (1) increased hillslope sediment input from landslides and debris flows in steep tributary basins with abundant grussified granitic bedrock, (2) possible local landslide-damming of the channel, (3) decreased peak discharge, or (4) a combination of these factors. 7–6 ka corresponds with a period of prolonged and widespread aridity in the northern Rocky Mountains.

The USA set aside a 100 square mile reservation in 1875, then took it ALL back in 1907 and removed the Agai-Dika and Tuku-Dika Shoshone by gunpoint to Fort Hall, Idaho.

Immigrants turned gold miners, stole millions of dollars worth of gold and other minerals, while the true stewards of the land were confined to the borders of the Fort Hall Indian Reservation.

The US Mint's gold Sacajawea coin, Navy boat, parks and statues continue to be a slap in the face to the descendants of Sacajawea who are still livng as refugees in Fort Hall, Idaho.

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Well-preserved Holocene terraces along the South Fork Payette River in central Idaho provide a record of fluvial system behavior in a steep mountain watershed characterized by weathered and erodible Idaho Batholith granitic rocks.

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