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Six more are off the to the left, just beyond the casino, in the lobby of the Hotel Del Rey. Not much to choose from this early—not for them, not for the men.Wait a little while—say, five o’clock—when the sun’s still clawing through the rain clouds over San José and before the streets are lousy with beggars and peddlers. There are a few and the biggest Asian kid you’ve ever seen, but the rest of the men here are gringos.Flowers isn’t going anywhere, but a move to the right side is possible.This is a down year in the draft at the position, and the key question is: Are any of the top players (Ryan Ramczyk, Cam Robinson, Garett Bolles) worth the 23rd overall pick?It is a matter of when, not if, the Giants will take an offensive lineman in this year’s draft.They are in desperate need of a bona fide tackle prospect — some would say they are desperate to find a starter — unless they can stomach another season of Ereck Flowers and Bobby Hart.Gee, wouldn’t it be nice to know if the Giants can count on plugging in Johnathan Hankins as a starting defensive tackle alongside Damon “Snacks’’ Harrison?

For true fans, what matters most to Tony is also what matters most to us.After getting the green light from Michael’s doctor to do the deed, though, he and Jane sprint to their new house — “Trust me, it’s not gonna take long,” he promises her in the elevator — only to find Rogelio and a team of interior decorators already there, ready to revamp the place.Michael suggests that he and Jane take it out back to the shed, but Jane’s not desperate: “I am not having sex for the first time in a shed!The Narrator teases us at the start with a title card reading “2 Days Earlier” and the sound of Jane and Michael grunting and moaning. ”) But it’s not what you think: He’s just helping her pack up her stuff for their big move-in together.They’re still staying chaste, since Michael’s doctor told them last week he can’t have sex while he’s recuperating from his gunshot wound.

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