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Well, Professor Lawrence Hayes (Paul Giamatti) is the foremost researcher of earthquakes and he and his colleague are attempting to find a way to predict said quakes, thus hopefully saving hundreds of lives.They happen to be at the Hoover Dam when the massive quake hits, following up on some strange seismic activity.And now she's leading the way across the grass on gold wedges to a table in the yard of a rambling house behind a high fence that seems more fanciful than real, like the set for an adult fairy tale, art-directed by Diego Rivera.

) and he has to go, leaving Daniel to take her with him to San Francisco for a meeting before going up to Washington. Those earthquakes…we should probably mention those a bit, huh?When the earthquake reaches San Francisco, Daniel escapes with Blake to his limousine but the building collapses and she is trapped inside the car.Daniel flees from the building and leaves Blake behind.Daniel brings Blake to his office and while waiting for him, she befriends the British architect Ben Taylor and his younger brother Ollie Taylor.When Ray is flying to the dam, there is an earthquake in Los Angeles and he rescues Emma.

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