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Matsumoto will conduct the brass band at a high school in Ishinomaki, a town devastated by last year’s tsunami.It has been reported Matsumoto had no plans to conduct at first.In the 2016, the fans and media accused Kimura like a traitor because he wants to stay in the agency. In the new Agency communication released on Jun 19 the official statement is the termination of the contract of 3 members of SMAP only Nakai and Kimura stays.

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“24時間テレビ35『愛は地球を救う』(24Hr Television / Love Saves the Earth’)” is being hosted by Johnny’s group Arashi this year, and new details about their special programs have been revealed.

Since the 90s and early 00s Kimura has established himself not only as one of the top actors in Johnny’s, but one of the top actors in the entertainment industry as a whole.

Some of Kimura’s fans argue that why should the movie have two main stars when Kimura has a much more impressive acting resume.

Meanwhile, Nino fans countered back saying that early in his acting acting career Nino established himself as a Hollywood actor with the successful film “ A TV reporter stated that a project like this happening a few years ago would have most likely been impossible.

This is largely in part due to rumors surrounding Mary Kitagawa, the vice president of Johnny’s and the older sister of Johnny Kitagawa.

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